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  • 2017 Jingjobs Job Fair

    2017 Jingjobs Job Fair

    A 2017 JingJobs Job Fair ​At JingJobs, we are bringing a myriad of career opportunities to you. Not only will you expand your professional network and interact with our key influencers and entrepreneurs, you may also have a chance of being hired to work with notable companies in China. Building a career is never easy,

  • [INFO] The Job Fair for Foreigners in 2015

    [INFO] The Job Fair for Foreigners in 2015

    Halo Permiters!   Apakah kalian sedang mencari kerja? atau sedang mencari tempat yang cocok untuk mendapatkan info-info tentang pekerjaan? Ini dia yang cocok untuk kalian semua, the 2015 Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing ,Shanghai and Shenzhen! Full time, part time atau internship semua ada di sini! Jangan sampai terlewatkan!   Jadwal: The 2015 Job Fair